Nature Films (without Voice Over or People) will help to Calm and Refresh Stressed Staff As and When Required.

Example of How Your Staff Could Access & Benefit from our Relaxing Films

  1. Load Nature Films on to your Intranet with our demo films on Home Page
    • We will supply 3 different 5 minute demo films to be played randomly "above the fold" on the right or left of your Intranet Home page. See examples on our Products page
    • When the film clip ends they can be taken automatically to the start of one of the films or given the option to choose and see one of the 3 films.
    • We will supply all codes and images to enable the above plus any text as required.
  2. Hand out DVDs to your Key Staff so they can relax when travelling after a hard day and demonstrate that you care about them.
  3. Give access to staff at home to download films on to their PCs.


We will supply you with a Multi-User License to use all of our products as outlined above.

Absenteeism is a major costs to your business by comparison this service works out normally at less than £5 per user per annum.

To discuss your requirements and options contact Barry Wheelock on or 07967381299