Products Proven to Reduce Anxiety in Dementia by 20% during Sundowning Times

Our nature DVDs significantly reduce anxiety in dementia (source: Dr Craig Knight of Exeter University).

The films are without people or voiceover, just accompanied by nature's calls, sounds and silences. Each DVD represents magical moments in nature captured during thousands of hours of filming. Other important benefits include: -

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Research Results
Our Products Reduced Anxiety by nearly 20%

Dr Craig Knight of Exeter University PhD MSc CPsychol HPC HRF (Exon) BSCAH three month's study with Somerset Care and the managers are excited about the results.

See press articles on research by: Exeter University

Improve New Resident Conversions

By playing our Pure Nature DVDs in your reception area you will give out a wonderful subliminal message to prospective New Residents and their Families. This will say something very special about you and differentiate you from other homes. We are advised by experts that it is likely to improve your conversion rates.

Improve Resident's Wellbeing

Benefits for Residents -

These pure Nature DVDs & CD without people or voice over are ideal:-

Staff Benefits -

Sleep Issues and Sundowning

Most experts and organisations recommend avoiding loud distracting and potentially upsetting TV programmes and loud music.

Our nature DVDs are very absorbing and relaxing and a good preparation for sleep.

Alternatives to antipsychotic drugs

Our nature DVDs create the opportunity to delay in some residents the use of antipsychotic drugs or to increase medication.

Important Cost Savings

As we own all the copyright to all our Products they can be played in communal rooms to groups without your organisation having to have PRS or PPL, broadcasting or other consents licences.

Reduce Doctor's Call Outs, Resident's Falls & Bell Pulls

We are setting up trials with Care Homes with a leading Psychologist, Dr Craig Knight who has produced some very interesting peer reviewed work with older adults in care. Combined research suggests that using our Nature DVDs could result in a number of benefits including:-

...we are looking to test these ideas.

Put on a Dramatic Reminiscence Experience

By occasionally playing one of our DVDs through a DVD Projector on to a wall instead of the TV you will create a very powerful and engaging experience for the senses.

As we are all very familiar with nature instinctively this is the ultimate reminiscence experience. Imagine a close up of a beautiful river scene with swans and ducklings on a large wall, you would feel as you were there on the river bank.

DVD for Group Sessions

Our DVD called Calmer By Nature Two has a 26 section menu ideal for the group selecting to watch:-

...which then prompts a discussion.

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Licence for All Four Products at Your Premises

A licence to buy all four products and play them to individuals and groups in perpetuity at any one premises and have full access and use of the following modules: -

  • Product Introduction
  • Product Uses for Individuals Groups and Around Your Care Home
  • Staff Training & Exam Questions

After purchasing these products on PayPal you will land on a page where you can download all the Product Uses - Training, Exam Modules and Research

Cost £179.00 +£6.75 P&P (This price is based on up to 40 beds/residents. For a price to play/be used by more, please fill in the form at the bottom of the Care Homes page.)

We can supply DVDs in PAL and NTSC format and we ship the correct format appropriate to the address given.

If you buy our Licence for your Premises you will not need a PPL licence as well. As we own all the copyright to all of our products and as there no music or musicians involved, no PPL licences are required to play our products.

Option 2

Monthly Payment Group Licence

Pay by Direct Debit, .35 pence ($US 45 cents) per registered bed per month for a minimum of three years. For groups this could all be on one licence.

To order please fill in the Application/Query Form above.

We can supply DVDs in PAL and NTSC format and we ship the correct format appropriate to the address given.

Option 3

Cheapest Starter Option

Alternatively, a cheaper option is to buy at least one product with a licence to use with individuals and groups at your premises and you will still obtain full access and use of all the following modules: -

  • Product Introduction
  • Product Uses for Individuals Groups and Around Your Care home
  • Staff Training & Exam Questions
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Bel Mooney Journalist at the Daily Mail said "He has produced a film which should be owned by every hospital, care home and psychiatric unit in the land."