Stress – The facts you can't ignore

In Britain today nearly 4 billion man-hours are lost each year through stress.

Stress lowers the immune system, causes illness, and is a common side effect of modern life that we all have to deal with. Opportunities to alleviate stress are few and far between.

Following research with stress experts in the workplace and patients in hospital, these films have been designed to rapidly induce relaxation and alleviate stress. The magic and benefit of these films is enhanced by not having people or the human voice or music. All that you will hear are nature's own special calls sounds and silences. Even a few minutes spent watching any of the Calmer by Nature DVDs are a "Natural Therapy" and will refresh the mind, clear stress, unblock creativity and relax the viewers.


"Calming for someone like me who needs to learn to relax - that's what heart patients have to do...I find this hard, I like to keep busy, the DVD was a lot less dull and boring than some of the other relaxation activities, which can put me to sleep; it appealed to me, it let me think, but in a relaxed way."

"I have had a series of stressful events in my life, your DVD's have been a life saver, they are so calming and soothing. Gentle on my nerves on days when I am unable to bear music or any other noise.

The Calmer by Water is on the same level I have always found that being around water hearing the noise of the gentle stream or the gentle waves on the shore calm the spirit and eases the soul.

I cannot praise your DVD's enough and would recommend them to everyone and anyone there should be one in every home.

I already look forward to the next DVD/CD.

Thank you from my heart and soul."


"I have just watched, at least twice in one sitting, your 'Calmer by Nature' DVD, and feel really grateful, as I am calm again! (Enjoying good stuff, rather than getting het up about not important details).

So I am thinking of recommending it to/giving it to a friend whose grandmother has senile dementia."


For Group Playing

If it is to be played to two or more people in an office, business or group environment, a multi-user licence must be obtained in order not to breach copyright law.

Please contact Barry Wheelock at to discuss your requirements. We strive to licence our products to meet all budgets.

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