Calmer By Nature is a major supplier to the Alzheimer's Society

Calmer By Nature DVD Calms & Engages People

Check out Calmer By Nature. On the website you will find a trailer to preview the DVD.  Sometimes I have it running in the background in my office just so I can listen to the wonderful sounds of nature while I'm working.  I find it soothing especially during one of our Minnesota snow storms; to hear the loons, ducks and the birds… it's truly amazing and lifts me out of any cold funk I'm in. 

I brought the DVD to the nursing home where my Mom lives and it was so fun to watch the reactions of residents.  Everyone on Mom's community has Alzheimer's disease.  Mom being in her end stages, but she still reacted to the sounds of nature.  I'm sure how much she can really see anymore, but she definitely can still hear.  It was amazing to watch a smile creep on her face and this contentment takes over her.  Other residents enjoyed watching and listening to the nature scenes.

I give this DVD a big thumbs up.  Who of us can't use a bit more calm in our life. This DVD works it magic on most anyone.

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