Dear Barry
I discovered your DVD thanks to Bel Mooney who writes for the Daily Mail. She said that your DVD Calmer by Nature should be played on a loop in every hospital, care home and psychiatric unit in the country also airports and businesses she even suggested it should be used in schools for disruptive children. I really bought it for the benefit of my 7 year old grandson who though he comes from a stable loving family is realy quite restless. I have yet to show it to him (I will let you know the result later). I put it on to see what it was all about when I was on my own on the afternoon of receiving the DVDI found it so calming that at the end I realised that I had been asleep so missed a good slice of it! It really is quite wonderful and I thank you for it.


“I can watch this going to sleep.”

We loved your DVD, very soothing and put it on before the young twins went off for their midday nap, (Eve particularly is anti-sleep) it worked and grandparents got a much needed break. Thank you very much indeed!
Frank & Diane Luck, London

“I used it to get ready for bed and go to sleep.....very relaxing.”

Many of the above comments were gathered independently during a survey on the Calmer By Nature DVD kindly conducted by MBB Connections Ltd (Therapy and Training Consultancy)

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