Mental Health

I found the Calmer by Nature website somehow and being a nature lover, I found the clip very restful and have bought the DVDs and CD for personal use. They have been extremely useful and will be helpful over the winter months when it will be more difficult for me to get out physically out into nature.I can understand how they will help people with cognitive impairment, mental health issues and dementia.

I am also the author of the book - Nursing: Your Registration. The Guide to Revalidation with Ease. I can see that it could assist all healthcare professionals in relaxing and enjoying life and their career.

Kind regards

"It draws you in gently, while you float down the river.... an escape to a place that is safe and peaceful - respite from the world and chaos - away from my looming crisis."

"Rock pools and the sea, waves lapping on the beach...this is really Cornwall, if I was stuck in hospital like I have been before, I would love to watch this and feel calm and happier."

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