Stress, Relaxation and Depression

Dear Barry,

I have now watched "Calmer By The Water" and thought it was lovely - very relaxing to watch and beautifully shot scenes. I bought it for my own personal use, as I don't have much opportunity to get out and about in nature, so I can watch it and relax when I need to and let my worries and troubles float away! The seaside scenes and the rockpool reminded me of my childhood holidays rooting around in these pools at Porthcawl - happy days 

Thank you for making such an uplifting DVD and sharing your travels through nature with us, and if you wish to use anything I have said on your website then that is fine by me as long as only my first name and location (South Wales) are used. 

Best wishes for your future projects - I will keep an eye on your website.

South wales

Dear Barry,

I have had a series of stressful events in my life, your DVD's have been a life saver, they are so calming and soothing. Gentle on my nerves on days when I am unable to bear music or any other noise

The Calmer by Water is on the same level I have always found that being around water hearing the noise of the gentle stream or the gentle waves on the shore calm the spirit and eases the soul

I cannot praise your DVD's enough and would recommend them to everyone and anyone there should be one in every home

I already look forward to the next DVD/CD

Thank you form my heart and soul



I have just watched, at least twice in one sitting, your 'Calmer by Nature' DVD, and feel really grateful, as I am calm again!  (enjoying good stuff, rather than getting het up about not important details).

So I am thinking of recommending it to/giving it to a friend whose grandmother has senile dementia.


"Calming for someone like me who needs to learn to relax - that's what heart patients have to do...I find this hard, I like to keep busy, the DVD was a lot less dull and boring than some of the other relaxation activities, which can put me to sleep; it appealed to me, it let me think, but in a relaxed way."

Hi Barry 
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Calmer by Nature DVD. Having been through a stressful time lately, it was just what I needed to calm me down. In fact, so relaxing did I find it the first time I watched it that I found myself dropping off to sleep and had to make a real effort to stay awake the second time so as not to miss any of it! I particularly liked the fact that there was no commentary or background music, just natural sounds. Great stuff. 

I found the Calmer by Nature website somehow and being a nature lover, I found the clip very restful and have bought the DVDs and CD for personal use. They have been extremely useful and will be helpful over the winter months when it will be more difficult for me to get out physically out into nature.I can understand how they will help people with cognitive impairment, mental health issues and dementia.

I am also the author of the book - Nursing: Your Registration. The Guide to Revalidation with Ease. I can see that it could assist all healthcare professionals in relaxing and enjoying life and their career.

Kind regards

I really enjoyed the Calmer Two DVD and found it just as relaxing as your original Calmer By Nature. I find when I am watching the DVD's you don't have to 'try' and relax it just 'happens', they are beautiful. 

"It draws you in gently, while you float down the river.... an escape to a place that is safe and peaceful - respite from the world and chaos - away from my looming crisis."

"Rock pools and the sea, waves lapping on the beach...this is really Cornwall, if I was stuck in hospital like I have been before, I would love to watch this and feel calm and happier."

Thank you very much for the DVD on Calmer by Nature which I received yesterday. I watched it yesterday and absolutely loved it, I felt so relaxed watching it that I almost felt hypnotised! You must certainly have a lot of patience to have made such a superb DVD taking five years. Thanking you, 
Lana Coleman.

Dear Barry 
It is indeed magical and a masterpiece. I think everyone who lives in London should have a copy! 
Deidre Butcher

"Oh, I do love that there's none of that horrid plastic tinny music."

Dear Barry
I recently bought your 'Calmer by Nature' DVD as a Christmas present for my elderly father-in-law who now lives in a residential home. Having watched it once I think it will be of great benefit to him, especially as he tends to get anxious at times. I am sure he will find it very soothing.
I would have liked to be able to tell him where it was filmed. If there is any possibility that you could let me know I would be very grateful.
Kind regards
Carole Sage

"A real change from dolphin and whale music - but I would love real dolphin and whale footage - perhaps even from a boat - but please, no people or fake sounds."

"The fish in the river....so well filmed...it reminded me of fishing with my Granddad - I miss visiting them, and I miss what we did together, this reminded me of how many happy times we had together."

"A great movie, which I could watch over and over....you'd not get bored with this one very easily; it just takes you away to a better place."

"Can I put it on my iPod, and then it's with me whenever I need it?

I love the CD, it's very relaxing - just what I need to calm my wired nervous system. Best wishes Kat.

Many of the above comments were gathered independently during a survey on the Calmer By Nature DVD kindly conducted by MBB Connections Ltd (Therapy and Training Consultancy

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