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Dear Barry

I discovered your DVD thanks to Bel Mooney who writes for the Daily Mail. She said that your DVD Calmer by Nature should be played on a loop in every hospital, care home and psychiatric unit in the country also airports and businesses she even suggested it should be used in schools for disruptive children. I really bought it for the benefit of my 7 year old grandson who though he comes from a stable loving family is realy quite restless. I have yet to show it to him (I will let you know the result later). I put it on to see what it was all about when I was on my own on the afternoon of receiving the DVDI found it so calming that at the end I realised that I had been asleep so missed a good slice of it! It really is quite wonderful and I thank you for it.



Hi Barry

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Calmer by Nature DVD. Having been through a stressful time lately, it was just what I needed to calm me down. In fact, so relaxing did I find it the first time I watched it that I found myself dropping off to sleep and had to make a real effort to stay awake the second time so as not to miss any of it! I particularly liked the fact that there was no commentary or background music, just natural sounds. Great stuff.



Dear Barry

I recently bought your 'Calmer by Nature' DVD as a Christmas present for my elderly father-in-law who now lives in a residential home. Having watched it once I think it will be of great benefit to him, especially as he tends to get anxious at times. I am sure he will find it very soothing.

I would have liked to be able to tell him where it was filmed. If there is any possibility that you could let me know I would be very grateful.

Kind regards

Carole Sage

Played it in the afternoon and the evening to the residents, it made them relaxed and sleepy, but this did not worry them, as it would have, had they have missed anything when they wake like other films or programmes on the TV. A blind resident said she enjoyed the nice sounds of birds, etc. They found the film 'very calming and peaceful'.

Judy, Manageress of Retirement Home


The sound was lovely as background with the birdsongs whilst working in the room and made for a lovely, quiet, peaceful environment.

Dear Barry

We loved your DVD, very soothing and put it on before the young twins went off for their midday nap, (Eve particularly is anti-sleep) it worked and grandparents got a much needed break. Thank you very much indeed!

Frank & Diane Luck, London

What a joy the 'calmer by nature' DVD is - thank you for recommending this in your column in the Daily Mail last November – it is truly soothing especially for those of us who are plagued by Tinnitus and consequently mourn the loss of silence – I shall certainly recommend it to others. Your column is an inspiration – and full of good sense and compassion. All good wishes for 2009.


Upon enquiring to Anna about tinnitus Anna later wrote the following to me.

Hello Barry

Re Tinnitus - various relaxation therapies/techniques are recommended for tinnitus sufferers including sound therapy.

As you know there are many CDs available that have relaxation themes/sounds of nature and these are used by some people who have tinnitus as background sound to reduce the awareness of the sounds produced by tinnitus. I have tried these CDs with an underpillow speaker at night-time with limited results. (There are also sound therapy machines which produce sounds - the sea, storms, wind, birds etc which you can use as stand-alone units or with an underpillow speaker.)

Visualisation of calming scenes or a favourite place are also recommended but some people find this harder to do than others but your DVD brings the two ideas together and acts as a good 'prompt' for the visualisation technique. The DVD also helps when working on the computer as keeping the radio on to block out tinnitus noise is not always an option if you are working on something that needs concentration or using the computer as part of your work but you can have the DVD on and hear the sounds and click on to the images from time to time.


Thank you very much for the DVD on Calmer by Nature which I received yesterday. I watched it yesterday and absolutely loved it, I felt so relaxed watching it that I almost felt hypnotised! You must certainly have a lot of patience to have made such a superb DVD taking five years. Thanking you.

Lana Coleman.

Dear Barry

It is indeed magical and a masterpiece. I think everyone who lives in London should have a copy!

Deidre Butcher

Calmer By Nature DVD Calms & Engages People

Check out Calmer By Nature

On the website you will find a trailer to preview the DVD. Sometimes I have it running in the background in my office just so I can listen to the wonderful sounds of nature while I’m working. I find it soothing especially during one of our Minnesota snow storms; to hear the loons, ducks and the birds… it’s truly amazing and lifts me out of any cold funk I’m in. I brought the DVD to the nursing home where my Mom lives and it was so fun to watch the reactions of residents. Everyone on Mom’s community has Alzheimer’s disease. Mom being in her end stages, but she still reacted to the sounds of nature. I’m sure how much she can really see anymore, but she definitely can still hear. It was amazing to watch a smile creep on her face and this contentment takes over her. Other residents enjoyed watching and listening to the nature scenes.

I give this DVD a big thumbs up. Who of us can’t use a bit more calm in our life. This DVD works it magic on most anyone.

If life is stressful or you are feeling restless, this DVD provides stress relief and works with autism, sensory therapies, dementia, Alzheimer’s and insomnia and is increasingly being used in the areas of mental health and in different types of community care. Various parts of the film with its natural sound is helping with cognitive therapy, cognitive psychology and with the development of techniques relating to cognitive behaviour, communication and processing and sensory integration.

February 8, 2010 by Alzheimer's Speaks

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