Dear Bel,
What a joy Calmer by Nature DVD is – thank you for recommending this in your column in the Daily Mail last November – it is truly soothing especially for those of us who are plagued by tinnitus and consequently mourn the loss of silence – I shall certainly recommend it to others.

Your column is an inspiration – and full of good sense and compassion. All good wishes for 2009.


Upon enquiring to Anna about tinnitus, Anna later wrote the following to me.

Hello Barry,

Re tinnitus – various relaxation therapies/techniques are recommended for tinnitus sufferers including sound therapy.

As you know there are many CDs available that have relaxation themes/sounds of nature and these are used by some people who have tinnitus as background sound to reduce the awareness of the sounds produced by tinnitus. I have tried these CDs with an underpillow speaker at night-time with limited results. (There are also sound therapy machines which produce sounds – the sea, storms, wind, birds, etc, which you can use as standalone units or with an underpillow speaker.

Visualisation of calming scenes or a favourite place are also recommended but some people find this harder to do than others but your DVD brings the two ideas together and acts as a good 'prompt' for the visualisation technique. The DVD also helps when working on the computer as keeping the radio on to block out the tinnitus noise is not always an option if you are working on something that needs concentration or using the computer as part of your work but you can have the DVD on and hear the sounds and click onto the images from time to time.


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